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with the obama website. can she save the important federal program and her job? plus this. >> a huge flamg object believed to ba meteorite fell on a farm in the neighborhood of grover es's mill, nmg new jersey. >> 75 years old, the broadcast to friented listeners like never before. a look at other son well's out of this world performance. >>> and anger management after chris brown's latest arrest. the singer is making a decision on his future. >>> all right. we begin with the obama administration facing a firestorm of criticism on two fronts. there's health care and an important hearing we will have more on that in a moment. >> but first the growing calls to stop spying on allies. here's abc's jonathan karl. >> reporter: under fire for allegedly spying on americans and america's friends. the nation's spy chief made no apologies. >> we do not spy on anyone except for valid foreign intelligence purposes and only work within the law. >> u.s. intelligence listened in on the conversations of 35 american allies. reports that drew sharp criticism from top members of congress in both parties. >> the repo
are trying to reassure people that access the troubled obama care website that their private information is secure. a health and human services spokesperson says security tests are conduct on an ongoing basis to protect the blic. >> that came up in a hearing on capitol hill. karen travers is there. >> reporter: good morning. secretary see bealous was on the hot seat yesterday. it was a 3 1/2 hour hearing that grew contentious as lawmakers demanded answers for the failures of and at times secretary sebelius couldn't hide her frustration but ultimately she said to fix all of this, it's her responsibility. in boston, president obama said again he's not happy about the problems at >> i take full responsibility to make sure it gets fixed asap. >> reporter: and kathleen sebelius fell on her sword. >> hold me accountable for the debacle. i'm responsible. >> reporter: since launched, it has been plagued by technical problems. even as sebelius was testifying, the website was showing this error message. >> we are working day and night and will continue
. >> rose: prime minister of iraq nouri al-maliki met with president obama in washington earlier today, he is seeking assistance in dealing with increasing levels of sectarian violence in his country, there is concern that civil war gripping syria may spread across the border into iraq, the trance national al qaeda group the islamic state of iraq and greater syria operating in both countries, joining us for the conversation about iraq today in washington, d.c., david ignatius, the of the washington post, robin wright a joint in the institute of basis and woodrow wilson center, stanford, fouad ajami is a fellow senior at the hoover institute. >> and dexter filkins of the new yorker magazine, i am pleased to have all of them to have this discussion. what is going on in washington and the conversation between the prime minister of iraq and the president of the united states, fouad? >> to be honest with you, charlie, i wouldn't have given mr. maliki the meeting with president obama, i think it was a mistake. the idea you have this man now running for a third term in iraq. he had a term in 2006
the yet to show how many people have signed up for obama care. and now, we likely know the reason why. >>> above and beyond. an officer telling her survivor story about getting shot in the face twice. >> he's firing. he's firing. >> and what she did after this shooting is just remarkable. >>> moving target. a skydiver with skill that you have to see to believe. >>> good morning to you. i'm reenen ninan. candy high with lots of sugar in me. in for diana perez. we begin with a frightful night of halloween storms. >> a powerful system, reaching 2,000 miles, from maine to louisiana. it's being blamed for one death in tennessee, where a young boy was electrocuted. >> the storm left a destructive trail, including a tornado in texas. tahman bradley has the latest. >> reporter: mother nature delivered a trick. frig frightening weather that put halloween on hold. several areas were flooded. cars were no match for the rising waters. helicopters rescued hundreds. south of austin, emergency crews in boats went door-to-door. they saved one family, including their dog, stuck on a roof. >> wow. wow.
term, as a candidate of the supreme leader in iran, president obama in washington and of bashar al-assad in syria, it is an amazing work if you can get it. this war, which i believe it was a noble war that is my belief in it and you were kind enough over the years to give me a kind of a forum for this, but this noble war has got ten a tyrant. >> rose: robin wright? >> well, the prime minister al maliki wants more weapons from the united states, he is very concerned that his government, his military particularly can't control the growing insurgency, more than 7,000 people have already died this year, more than 1,000 last month, and he da -- his theme in washington is al qaeda is back and more dangerous than ever, and that he needs help from the outside world, it is a particular irony given the fact that just two years ago the iraqis really wanted the united states to leave, and even if the united states had been willing to leave a residual force behind to help the iraqis, the iraqis, this particular government wouldable, was dead set on getting the americans out and now he is coming
for the moment. i do think that the rest of the world when they look at congress, and they look at obama i think on the specific thing of what happened in washington this time around, they tend to blame the republicans more than obama so they tend to -- >> i think outside you just pick it up from talking to politicians there is a general sympathy with him. i think the area where they have less sympathy with him is in terms of geopolitical leadership. they don't, to some extent the george bush excuse is now over, if he is, if his great achievement is to be somewhat nicer or more polite and get out of iraq or afghanistan and. >> rose: and to talk more. >> and talk more and listen more which he is good at listening, other people -- >> rose: most of the leaders you hear in terms of whatever -- >> everyone's cellphones conversations -- >> rose: no, no. >> it is always a notion with respect to america that, you know, they don't respect us, enough so that they listen to us. >> i think a lot of other leaders see obama as somewhat detached from things, you look at what happens in the middle east and the
talking about his heart transplant surgery and foreign policy issues including trusting president obama. >> rose: you don't believe the president of the united states, do you. >> no. >> rose: you don't believe he has the best interest in the united states in terms oour national security in the middle east. >> i don't believe he does. >> rose: and you don't believe his word can gee trusted. >> correct. >> rose: that's serious. >> it certainly is. >> rose: to say that to the president of the united states. >> that's right. >> rose: in a democratic country. >> i think this president is doing damage to our standing, to our capacity to influence events. we are rapidly eroding our ability to have any impact on what's going on in the middle east. i've lived with this disease for 35 years. >> rose: you knew you would die. >> i knew i would die of heart disease. my father had and i expected to but when that time came i was at peace. there was no pain involved or discomfort. it was not frightening. i wanted to talk to my family about final arrangements. it was more difficult for them than
including louis farrakhan. >>> president obama is among those mourning the death of ike skelton. mr. obama recalled think missouri democrat as a devoted advocate for men and women in uniform. he was elected to congress in 1976 and served 17 terms. he died monday, he was 81 years old. new developments in the growing spy scan d.a. leading lawmaker dianne feinstein issi calling f a review. of intelligence activities. this is following revelations that the nsa has been spying on world leaders without the presidents knowledge. >> the capacities continue to develop and expand and that's why i'm initiating a review to make sure that what they are able to do doesn't necessarily mean what they should be doing. >> there are reports the administration is ready to ban spying on all leaders of our allies. >> this has people rattled overseas. spain the latest to join the chorus of people. pretty darn outraged. people in the spy community say it goes with the territory and nothing new. but heads of state are like you bugged my phone? i thought we were buddies. >> i thought we were friends. there is a dyn
by the obama administration. >> rose: badly abused beyond leaping troops in iraq. how has it been badly abused. >> barack obama goes to israel, holds a press conference with netanyahu, they talk about basic warnings about developing a program and within a matter of a weak or two he cuts the naval out in half and doesn't replace them. >> rose: did the israelis protest that. >> i don't know whether they protested that or not. it's a signal to everybody in the region. we saw the whole exercise over syria. the saudis were told and were ready to support effort for obama when he said he would expect punishment from the syrians because of the chemical weapons issue and we're ready to go and support the effort and at the last minute he cancels. >> rose: some say that the president didn't want to pull the trigger, he was looking for a way out. >> yes. i think he made a commitment he couldn't keep. he laid down a warning he wasn't prepared to enforce and he in effect took the easiest way out. >> rose: but suppose this turns out well. so far, it seems to be that they believe that the syrians have pret
with a meeting with president obama and others. the pedester booked his appearance on our program and called us this morning and said he could not be there because of scheduling conflicts. we hope he will come to this program another time. we will do a program either tomorrow night or next week about iraq and the united states, and iraq's relationship with iran. tonight, ricardo salinas and costa-gavras next. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. on. >> rose: ricardo salinas is here. he's the ceo of group owe salinas. in 1987 he took over his family business which operates shops and electronics. it extenned dramatically under his leadership and has more than 2-bgsz 800 outlets and provides loans at 12.5 million account hoards. found television azteca in 1993 and wrote mexico's television monopoly. he owns half of the third largest wireless telecommunication company in mexico. all of this has helped him become one of the richest men in the world close to $10 billion. i'm pleased to have him here at this table for the first time. wel
. the team named after socks. resting in bed. president obama want to boston, due to boston traffic, what his health care traffic did to the web. if the cardinals won tonight, game seven will be on halloween, which, how great would it be if the players dressed up for halloween? imagine -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wouldn't that be good? i know they're already in a kind of costume. look to see batman hit a home run off frankenstein. a version of this happened at san diego state. san diego state aztecs baseball team half annual halloween practice game where all the players dress up look this. it is an informal game. a guy dressed up as, a baby. a very serious baby too. this is probably the best one. this, this -- this is a group of five players as the jamaican bobsled team. [ cheers and applause ] i think that's five outs. one play right there. ha-ha. quintuple play. halloween is tomorrow. that can mean one thing. candy corn's time to shine. this is -- does anyone like candy corn. nobody likes it. it's like -- it's look a candy corn. the origin of halloween is interesting. i don't think
distinctly, remember, president obama promising if i like my jonas brotherize can keep my jonas brothers. never will we hear, girl, you're my girl, or looking m ining int eyes, or any of the other songs i made up. sorry, guillermo. didn't mean to break tight you like this. >> guillermo: it is okay. it had to happen. >> do your boston accent for us one more time. >> guillermo: i got an apartment. >> jimmy: we are going to take a break. we -- when we come back, we have something that i think you are going to love. i saw pictures of this woman, she makes dogs into, she grooms the dogs into characters like the muppets and -- the simpsons, and it is crazy. she brought some of the dogs here to show us tonight. and it is really great. you are going to love it. and jennifer garner, david arquette, and music from arcade fire too. so don't run off! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] maybe you've already heard what they're saying about the nissan altima. ♪ and we have to admit, that it's all true. but don't just take their word for it, check it out for yourself. the award-winn
counts for a lot. mr. obama with all due respect. he never had been in government. he had been a senator. >> rose: for a brief time. >> it's not the same to be in the executive -- >> rose: when you look at his -- >> i'm just pointing out a fact. i cannot criticize, it's not my country and he's not my president. but you know for example in mexico, he comes from the state of mexico where he was governor. president clinton came from the state of kansas where he was governor. >> rose: arkansas. >> arkansas. that's a real cost like calderon, he's never been in government. so it's a handicap. the executive branch has its own rules. >> rose: politics is different than business. >> it's very different. very different. yes. absolutely. that's why i never run for politics? >> rose: because. >> it's different. >> rose: it's different in that it'sism me first of all mean it's not simply black and white. it's nottism me about the numbers. it's about people in an interesting way and it's about politics and it's about coalitions. >> exactly. i would say for government office. now i am in politics
is the nationaling security agency informant claims that barack obama new that they were monitoring angela merkel in 2010. a contradiction to reports that he told her that he had no idea about the bugging. in spain in newspaper has reported that they have collected data from 60 million phone calls from one month and 2012. the information comes from documents recovered from edward snowden. on it goes. japanese media reported that the nsa asked the japanese government to help monitor communication tables linking the asia-pacific region, however tokyo refused. german politicians are demanding that they should abandon trade negotiations, at least until the issue is resolved. our tokyos correspondent responding to the claims that the national security agency and the u.s. wanted access to japanese optical fiber cables. >> this is an unnamed source, so we do not know the veracity, but it is from a reputable news , usually a reliable source of information that has had good contacts inside the japanese government. it is plausible that the report is true, saying that in 2011 the nsa, the american intellige
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)